4 Things That Can Go Wrong With Online Learning – And Here Is How To Fix It

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Online learning isn’t without its trials and tribulations. In fact, faced with the uncertain nature of the COVID-19 outbreak, a number of universities and colleges are making the switch to online classes to ensure their academic calendar is still intact.

It’s true, COVID-19 has caused most countries to go into some form of lockdown. However, even in the midst of a pandemic that requires us to stay at home, the advent of technology, mainly the internet has made it possible for real life to go on.

We’ve rounded up some of the top challenges that you might face on online learning and discuss how you can tackle them head-on.

#1. Slow internet connectivity

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For those from rural areas with poor internet access, it can even mean being cut off from the learning system completely. In addition,
Data shows that Malaysia’s internet infrastructure is experiencing unusual high load, one of the worst amongst 22 countries. Telekom has also reported undersea internet cable damages, resulting in internet disruption across the nation.

What can you do?

Believe it or not, telcos are now offering free 1GB data daily as part of the government’s economic stimulus package.

At the same time, do speak to your lecturers about having your lessons recorded and making them available for you to access at another time, perhaps later in the night when the internet traffic has eased.

You can also suggest to your class to use voice calls apps like Discord. Voice call apps require less data than video calls and you don’t need to have a camera to make it work.

#2. Disruptive home environment

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Your pets, housemates, and family members may just pop into your online live classes unintentionally. It’s definitely annoying. Sometimes embarrassing.

If you don’t have a room all by yourself at home and need to be in the living room during your classes, chances are you won’t have a great time learning.

What can you do?

Before the lessons begin, keep your pets away, inform in advance your household members about your online class schedules. They should try to be aware of the importance to have an undisrupted learning experience.

Just like the above, ask your lecturers to consider 樂威壯
noopener noreferrer”>asynchronous learning where you can learn through recorded videos and access study materials on your own time if you missed some parts of the lesson due to the distractions you had at home.


#3. Lack of self-motivation

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Being home alone with distractions aplenty, it is easy to lose motivation and self-discipline required for an effective learning experience.
Focusing on the lesson at hand is a lot easier in a class where you are surrounded by your classmates and instructors. (Sometimes it backfires if you are the class clown)

What can you do?

Consult your lecturers on how best to stay engaged. Ask that they consider interactive quizzes and other incentives and reward systems to better suit the nature of online learning.

Also, consider allocating a separate study zone specifically meant for studying. Make a list of objectives to achieve in each class to remind you what to focus on.


#4. Change is hard

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You may not be familiar with some online learning best practices, such as muting your microphone when you’re not talking.

Making the switch from face-to-face in-class learning to remote online learning can be hard.

What can you do?

Familiarise yourself with the technology ahead of your class.

At the same time, don’t be embarrassed to ask for help if you have any questions, whether from your classmates or instructors.

In fact, many universities are offering support for their students in the form of helplines and guides. You should check if your university has these services as well.

So here it is folks, 4 things that can go wrong with online learning and we showed you how to fix it.
While there are definitely challenges and problems standing in the way of effective online learning. If done right, online learning should not be a problem and can cater to all types of learners.

So what do you think? Did we miss any of the challenges of online learning? Share it with us in the comment section.

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