Preparing for college as a 9th grader (Part 1)

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Your freshman year in high school is a very thrilling experience. You’ve graduated from middle school or junior high and are now in the major leagues! However, your first year might be a particularly strange moment in your academic career. This is because, even in middle school or junior high is behind you, graduation may feel far away, and you may wonder: Is it too early to start thinking about college?

While you don’t need to have your college application letters written or your dorm room posters packed at this point, there are certain practical actions you can take now to ensure your success in both the college application process and your ultimate adjustment to college life. Here are seven recommendations for preparing for college as a high school freshman to help you get started thinking about these procedures.



  1. Consult an expert


In general, asking the questions above will assist you in developing a basic academic roadmap that will aid you in making academic plans for the future. However, keep in mind that you’re never on your own when it comes to planning. When it comes to establishing your plan, there are various specialists with whom you may cooperate.

Most high schools have such professionals on hand to assist you. Of course, trusted teachers are a terrific place to start. But don’t forget to seek advise from guidance counselors, who are prepared to talk to kids about their future plans. These advisors can assist you make sure you’re taking the coursework you need to get into most schools and institutions. They will also be able to assist you with the college application process when the time comes. If you have any particular questions, such as whether you should take the ACT or the SAT or what to expect when applying for college financial assistance, keep in mind that your high school guidance counselor is your best resource for academic planning.



  1. Make an academic plan.


You may not yet know what you want to study in college. And that’s just OK! In reality, many college freshman have no idea what they want to major in, and they don’t decide until a year or two after they’ve completed all of their compulsory school.

Even if you don’t know what you want to major in college, creating a “academic roadmap” as a high school freshman is a smart idea. This will assist you in completing your high school education and preparing for college. Simply ask yourself a few fundamental questions to develop your academic roadmap:

What disciplines do you excel at?

In certain areas, you could consider taking Honors or even AP classes, which can help increase your GPA and (in some cases) even qualify toward college credit.

What topic do you think you might need some extra help with?

It can be beneficial to get a tutor in this subject.

What are your favorite subjects to study?

Knowing the answer to this final question is possibly the most essential since it may help you figure out what field you might want to major in in college and what job you might want to pursue after graduation. Knowing this can also aid you in pursuing extracurricular possibilities linked to the subject. These extracurricular activities will not only be enjoyable, but they will also improve your chances of being accepted to college when the time comes.

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