5 Excellent SAT Score-Increasing Strategies (Part 2)

  1. Make the most of your official SAT practice time.


According to our new research, it’s not how much you prepare for the SAT that matters, but how you use your time. According to a 2020 research, students who spent at least six hours on Official SAT Practice adopting one of the “recommended practices” listed below increased their score by 39 points on average compared to those who did not use Official SAT Practice.


The following are the three best practices:


Official SAT Practice gives individualized skill practice recommendations based on your prior scores on any PSAT or SAT testing. When you link your College Board and Khan Academy accounts, these suggestions become available instantly. If you don’t want to link your accounts, you can use diagnostic quizzes to get personalized practice.

Taking a full-length practice test entails the following steps: Taking a full-length practice exam lets you evaluate where you are prepared and where you still have room to grow by simulating the real test experience. Official SAT Practice offers eight full-length online practice examinations that may be completed in one sitting or interrupted and resumed at any time.

Leveling up skills: As you work your way through the Official SAT Practice material, you’ll be able to graduate to new levels in the skills you’re working on. Leveling up your skills demonstrates that you are regularly improving in SAT subject and is an excellent method to track your progress.

To see the most impact on your SAT score, use these recommended practices throughout your SAT preparation.


  1. Update your studying techniques


The SAT was revised to better correlate with what children are learning in school, in case you missed it. There is no penalty for guessing on the new SAT, and you no longer lose points for incorrect answers. “SAT terms” are no longer used, and are unlikely to be used again. Only the most important math ideas are examined. The SAT allows you to showcase your greatest work more easily.


So if you’re still carrying around vocabulary flash cards or attempting to learn Latin word origins, you’re definitely improving your crossword puzzle skills but not actually studying for the SAT. You’ll get more by just doing your hardest on your daily reading and writing assignments.


You no longer need to invent sophisticated techniques or calculations for when it makes sense to answer a question because the SAT no longer penalizes guessing. Instead, think about each question thoroughly and seriously before answering it, and then show off your best work.

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