5 Excellent SAT Score-Increasing Strategies (Part 1)


Everyone wants to know how to earn the best possible SAT score. We can’t promise a quick fix, but we can give you some tips on how to enhance your chances via preparation and practice. The five tips below give structure, stability, and comfort to busy students—and may help them score higher on the SAT.

  1. Enroll in AP Courses

When it comes to taking the SAT, many students and parents wonder, “How soon is too soon?” When should we start studying for this exam?

Because the new SAT emphasizes skills and information gained in the classroom, one of the greatest ways to prepare and do well is to take the most difficult courses possible. This might include honors and advanced classes at your school, as well as any Advanced Placement® (AP®) courses you have available.

According to Indiana University studies, high school students who receive a B or better in at least two AP subjects score more than 100 points higher on the SAT.

Another significant advantage of AP courses is the possibility to receive college credit, for which additional tests are required. For the time being, it’s enough to know that concentrating on your AP coursework will almost certainly help you on the SAT.

  1. After taking the PSAT-related tests, you’ll know where you stand.

What makes the PSAT and other PSAT-related examinations so important to high school students? They’re essential because they provide students with the potential to win a National Merit Scholarship by performing well on the PSAT/NMSQT®. In addition, taking the PSAT 10TM (in tenth grade) and the PSAT 8/9TM (in eighth or ninth grade) before taking the SAT allows students to gain experience in a live testing environment, establish a baseline for college readiness, and identify their strengths and areas that require more attention. Students who take PSAT-related examinations will also receive score reports that may be linked to Official SAT Practice on Khan Academy® for individualized SAT test preparation, which we’ll go over in more detail later.

The value of live testing experience for a student aiming for a high SAT score is obvious, and evidence suggests that students who perform well on the PSAT/NMSQT also perform well on the SAT. Examine the significant association between most students’ PSAT/NMSQT scores and their SAT score for a more tangible measure of progress.

  1. Use Khan Academy’s Official SAT Practice.

Make sure to take advantage of all of the free SAT practice tools available on Khan Academy, including videos, quizzes, and full-length practice exams. They are the official SAT prep partner of the College Board.

What does “Official” mean? Because Khan Academy was given unique access and recommendations by the College Board, the SAT’s developers, to create this tailored SAT practice program. All students get access to eight full-length SAT practice exams with authentic SAT questions from previous examinations through Official SAT Practice. Hundreds of additional authorized questions are also available through Khan Academy, which are organized into quizzes to help students focus on specific skills. You’ll have a hard time running out of practice stuff.

Khan Academy can also use your actual performance on PSAT-related assessments to create free, personalized SAT study plans in collaboration with The College Board. This helps students to plan more effectively, concentrate on the areas where they need to improve, and measure their progress over time. Moreover, unlike costly test prep courses or tutoring, Official SAT Practice is completely free.


Tips 4 and 5 continued on part 2


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